Tesoro Brand philosophy

Each dress from Tesoro collection is a unique, original, designed to create an exclusive wedding image, focused on a dazzling smile and shining eyes of a happy bride.

Tesoro in translation from Italian means "treasure". Philosophy of the wedding brand Tesoro is that every woman, without exception is a treasure. A diamond, faces of which shine and shimmer in the light rays. And the designer’s task is to create a frame for this diamond. One that would complement and harmoniously emphasize its luxury, beauty and fragility.

On the day of her wedding every bride wants to be the most attractive, the most special, unattainable for all but that man, who became her chosen one. Tesoro wedding dresses are specially designed to meet these expectations. To make every girl a dazzling treasure, belonging to a lucky man, who has won the heart and soul of his lady.

Just look at photos of Tesoro wedding dresses - and you'll find something exceptional, created specifically for your occasion!